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Test Preparation

SAT Test Prep Program

Our mission is to help students to perform the best of their potential for further learning by providing them customized guidance enriched by our unique teaching methodology, Known as the Back Benchers way.

SAT is conducted for approximately four hours, and in that span it tests a student's mathematical skills, knowledge of English language and grammar and the ability to critically analyze the subject. In order to ace the test, student must be thoroughly acquainted with the knowledge of mathematics and grammar. In addition to this, a student must also know how and when to apply that knowledge to gain maximum benefit.

The Back Benchers curriculum is designed while keeping in mind the necessity of possessing complete knowledge of the subject along with the sense of applying that knowledge to deliver excellent solutions.

It will strengthen a student's concept of analyzing and implementing accurate answers to the questions asked. The tutors brainstorm and create a program which benefits every one of our students. The in-depth knowledge of the SAT exam is effectively used to conceive material relevant to each student in accordance to his or her weaknesses and strengths, keeping in mind the SAT's Reading, Writing and Math sections.

We have remodelled our approach towards the SAT exam prep classes. With the backbone of 15 years of experience, we have created a program which targets the sections which need to be focused upon and worked diligently to demarcate and recognize four area specifics required to ace SAT.

(A) Practice

We believe a student must be thoroughly acquainted with his or her concepts. It is only when a student has successfully solved a problem more than once, have he or she mastered the underlying technique. Therefore, after each topic a student is required to do a practice exercise pertaining to that topic.

(B) Specificity

We have on the basis of our strong experience broken down the SAT paper and delegated the required efforts to ace it. The students are taught the exact concepts needed, with the required level of difficulty, pertaining to the exact format of the SAT.

(C) Distinction

Each and every lecture delivered in the Back Benchers program is based on the technique of distinguishing and arraying the academic concepts with the correct strategies of SAT. It assists the students in analyzing and performing better.

(D) Scaffolding

All the SAT topics are divided into five different levels. This ensures that students are tested one level above their current potential, and they hone their skill with the experience they accumulate. This helps us deliver optimum results.

How Do We Do It

We make sure that by the end of the course, each student is familiar and comfortable with the ins and outs of the SAT.


Diagnosing the area of weakness is as essential as building up the strong points. With our proprietary algorithm we deduct the specific area which needs attention and excelling. A SAT answer can be attempted wrongly in four ways. Through this algorithm we ascertain the exact limitation faced by the student. Therefore, additional focus will be delivered to overcome the shortcoming.


The diagnostic result is broken down into various stages to recognize the shortcomings of each student. With the results obtained, a systematic study schedule is generated for each individual, stating the areas which need focus and the hours that need to be dedicated to each topic. The personalized schedule helps each student to practice and overcome his or her limitations. It is effective and its targeted approach helps deliver the best outcome.

Lesson Notes

The progress of the students is diligently followed by the team to ascertain that each student is achieving his or her marked goals.

Practice Tests

Practice Tests are conducted and monitored regularly to deal with any situation which may arise on the exam day.


The team is connected with the families of the students to keep them updated about the student's progress and to answer any query or question which may arise.

Online Student Portal

Every student is allotted an online id to access the portal for the entire program run.

  • It is mandatory for each student to take the online diagnostic test. This process is the first step in ascertaining the problem areas of each student. This helps the faculty in targeting each area and monitoring the students for maximum results.
  • An online test is ready at the end of each class to assess the student's progress. The result is emailed to the family/student/faculty.
  • Student progress is reported to parents after every Verbal Classes 4, 7, 8 and Maths Classes 3, 4, 6 and 8.
  • The class schedule is available online for student's perusal.
  • The faculty monitors the progress of each student after every class
  • After the completion of all the classes, students have the option of taking extra exercises.
  • 8 tests are available online for students.

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